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My wife and I have had Directv in our primary residence for over 10 years. We bought a cabin as a vacation home and added Directv there for about 2 years. We cancelled the service to cut costs on the cabin account.

I had brought an extra HD box from home and had been using it in a bedroom at the cabin. Once the service was discontinued I discovered I could still get Directv on that box in the bedroom at the cabin. We have been paying the extra $5 for use of the additional box. This was the case for about 4 months after cancelling service at the cabin but maintaining the home account. I do know of one other homeowner in the same neighborhood as our cabin that has an account at their primary home and have Directv at their second home and pay $5 for the extra box with no problem.

About two weeks ago I turned the system on for a bit and watched some news. Two hours later I tried turning it on again and...no signal.

I took the box home and hooked it up in a bedroom and it worked fine. Brought it back to the cabin and...no signal, no satellites.

So here's my question. Did Directv "turn off" the dish that's still installed at the cabin? It's possible there is a problem with the cable connection (rodent under the cabin) but I don't know why the dish is no longer picking up satellite signals. It's mounted securely and I don't believe it's moved at all.

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