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Does Dish have the right to take MY property?

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Saturday A Dish Network installer arrived to install A second dish and A sw64 switch so I could recieved the rest of my locals at 61.5. I had previously had A Dish 500 with 2 dual lnb's and 2 sw21 's looking at 110 and 119. I also had A dish 300 with A single lnb pointed at 119.The Dish 500 fed A signal to A 501 and A 301 and the Dish 300 fed A 2700. The installer said he needed to keep my 2 sw21's and could not give them back to me. I had recently purchased them for $30.00 A piece and was not too happy with the news. I feel they were my property since I had paid for them. Also, Dish said they would install and provide the dish and switches FREE OF ANY CHARGE. Well it cost me 2 sw21 switches. It dosen't sound free to me. My point is the switches were my property and the dish install was supposed to be free of charge . Did Dish have the right to take my property? I am not on the lease program, I paid full price for all my equipment, and installed it myself. I know I might be called cheap, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one.:shrug:
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Maybe they thought of it as more of a swap than taking or something and decided to keep a few sw-21 switches instead of charging for a sw-64 switch. The thing is, if you did not have a few sw-21 switches then he still may not have charged you anyways, so I would call Dish Network and ask them about this, because I think an sw-64 switch is included if needed for a second dish for locals.
I'd be telling that installer to get back PRONTO with MY switches. And if he didn't, I'd have him arrested (just for the principle of it).
Have his azz arrested. He stole your SWITCHES and u let him take 'em. LoL

not much of a case with the law if u ask me. Call DN and have him return with ur switches u brought.

I called Dish after 20 minutes of being on hold with tech support they said "The local installers office would not be open till Monday". Dish sounded like it was up to the local installers company if I get them back. Well, my contract with Dish is up in January, and it is up to ME if I want to stay with them! Thoes DirectTIVO's sure are looking good. SHAPE UP DISHNETWORK!:mad:
Wow!! I would have told that installer where to go. The only swap out there was for the HD receivers and that was only for the module(you got to keep the receiver) You paid for that equipment and he stole it(technically) you did give it to him. I would demand my equipment returned to me. Good luck.
I wouldn't have let the installer take them in the first place. When I have had E* upgrades the installer didn't take anything, and I wouldn't let him have anything if he asked.

Just do what I did when E* tried to charge me $99 for a FREE upgrade 6 months after the upgrade. Disconnect E* service and tell the bank not to send them payment.
I had the 2nd Dish (148) installed today. My Dish 500 is a DishPro Twin and I currently have 2 receivers but plan to add a third when the HD PVRs become available. The installer was going to swap my DP 500 Twin for a Legacy Twin and then use SW21 switches to handle my 2 receivers along with a standard dual LNB on the 2nd dish. I objected and said I was told they would put in a DP LNB on the 2nd dish along with the SW34. He showed me his order and said he couldn't do it. We talked awhile longer and he put it in the way I wanted it. So now my system is all DishPro with the SW34 and ready for 4 receivers and additional satellites (61.5) if needed. He had said they would upgrade the antenna system later at no charge if I needed more receivers but I told him I didn't want to go through all of that and to just do it the right way now. He was pretty accomodating. Had he not done it the way I wanted I would have cancelled the order and called Dish back.

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