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Does HR24 require SWM/Deca??

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Does the HR24 HD DVR require SWM and Deca to utilize whole home dvr?

I just placed an order over the phone and the woman said i'd probably be getting a HR24 b/c she showed my account had a SWM on my equipment. Even though it doesnt i think they added that back in the day when Whole Home changed over from beta to pay so in order to get unsupported whole home dvr to work i guess they had to put on the account u have a SWM.

I know i dont have SWM b/c when i go into dish setup and choose SWM it says i dont have that. I have a regular non SWM multiswitch.

So my question is if i ACTUALLY get an HR24 will it work just like my hr20's with hardwired ethernet for whole home dvr or does it require SWM and DECA like the telephone rep said?

She sent it out without having to have professional installation had to do the customer service roulette to get that to happen! She also ordered me a remote for it and b band converters.

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No, only the H25 and HR34 require SWM. Any of the other HD boxes will allow whole home using ethernet, although it is not supported by DirecTv.
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