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I have a Model 4000 receiver that I tried hooking up, but it is not working for me. I have two dishes, one pointed towards 148 and the other getting 119 and 110.

Will the Model 4000 work with these two dishes?

I seem to be going in circles with the software. At times I can get it to lock on all three signals. I have done the check switch test and at times it shows 148 and either 110 or 119 (don't recall which) and at other times it sees 110 and 119. Sometimes it can't see any channels, other times lots of them.

My guess is the switch is not working correctly with the extra dish at 148 and the Model 4000.

Can anyone give me guidance or enlighten me on what the issues are? I imagine that the switch actually picks which LNB to send through and may be getting confused?

Thanks for your help.

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