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Does the Pvr 522 use Open TV or Linux?

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What is the major difference between the 522 & 721. Is it because of the hd (522 @ 80Gb, 721 @ 120 Gb) and because the 522 can output to 2 different channels to be viewed. Than what was the purpose to release then 721 if it can't output 2 different channels to watch. Will the 522 still use Open Tv (no future at all) or will it have Wink enabled technology?
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I would suppose that the 522 being a "5xx" model will support opentv-style stuff.

From what I understand (and feel free to correct me anyone) hte "OpenTV" part of the software is the EPG, DishHome, and possibly PVR stuff. E* does the rest of the IRD software themselves.

I don't know what the CPU is for the 5xx series, but with the sheer number of linux ports out there, I'm sure that if they chose to they could at least attempt a linux-based upgrade for the 5xx series.

I've often wanted to see how hard the generic MIPs port of Linux would be to get running on the DP.

Of course, I just have way too many Linux based devices already:
1> Desktop computer
2> PDA
3> Car Radio
4> Home Firewall
5> Home Server

I need an IRD with linux now too ;-)
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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