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I'm not sure whether I got the same thing.
It was a gift from my dear wife.

It helps to minimize the problem with melting snow,
since the snow can't stick to the dish, and tends to
melt and slide off the cover more quickly.

It protects your LNBFs from the weather, which can
be a good thing.

I don't think it does much of anything in terms of
signal strength during rainy conditions, except that
a wet cover might absorb more of the signal.

So my take is, use it for snow, use it for looks, but
if rain fade is your biggest problem, this isn't likely
to be your solution.

Get a bigger dish, make sure the pointing is "perfect",
weatherproof your components, use RG11, then maybe
consider a cover.

What I think would be better than a fabric cover
would be a watertight "shed" made of plexiglas,
with a steep snow roof on top. I'll make one of
those for our dish, just as soon as I find some
time and money, after my retirement someday.
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