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I say "don't kill me" because I know you guys get so many of them. But, even after I read every thread on the topic, I'm not sure about the answer. I have also called D* five or six times, and I get a different ansewr each time.

My situation is this: I own a three story townhouse. The HOA does not allow me to run cables outside the building. So, my for my current install, I have a round two LNB dish on the roof. It has two lines coming into my unit through an outdoor storage unit. The two lines go to a switch on the third floor. From the switch, I have two lines split to a R10 Tivo unit on the third floor. Two more lines go through a hole I drilled in the floor to a TV on the second floor, where there is another R10 Tivo.

So, to sum up, two lines form a two LNB dish. The two lines go to a switch. From there, I have two lines to one R10, and two lines to a second R10.

I now have a nice big LCD on the third floor, so I called D* and ordered HD. My intent was to have the HD DVR on the third floor, and keep my R10 on the second floor.

My concern now, after having read this forum, is it sounds like I will need four lines coming into my unit with the new five LNB dish. That is going to be a real problem for me because I'm already unhappy with all the cable running around the house.

Is there a way to do this so that only two cables come into the house? It would be possible, btw, to install some sort of switch in the outdoor storage unit (which is dry inside) if necessary.
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