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TheGreek said:
Thank you both for your reply.

VeryOldSchool thank you for all your posts. Last night I read thread after thread in an attempt to understand my options and VeryOldSchool was in most of them. I appreciate your commitment to the community.

For the sake of people who may search this in the future let me repeat.

A Deca is a Deca....white or black they are the same. The black DECA's come with power where the white ones may need a PI if not powered by the receiver. The new HR-24's have built in DECA's. If you want to put a switch by your TV so you can plug devices into the internet you'll need to get a green label splitter (SWM). One wire from the splitter will go directly into your HR24 (then you're all set for TV). The second wire will go into your DECA device (white with PI or the Black Deca). From there you will have an ethernet cable to with as you would like.
You got it perfectly. Just to reiterate though, hooking up your other components to use the DECA is not supported by DirecTV. If you have an issue with MRV or other aspects regarding connectivity of your receivers, be sure to disconnect that aspect of your network completely in order to troubleshoot and before you call DirecTV.

- Merg
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