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Before this gets to far out of hand, 1) you do not need a spliter of any kind on the sat coax as that does not connect to the network directly. 2) If you connect a network switch on the either cable between the decca and the reciever, 90% of the time you will have problems with all the network devices that are connected to that switch.

Yes, it may work, but about the time you really wish you had the internet, it will crash.

This also holds true for the 610 wireless kit from DTV.

If you are going to connect other device to the internet that are in the same location as your reciever, then do one of two things.
1) try and run a either cable to that location then use a switch.
2) get a wireless router, configure for bride mode conneted to your main wireless router
leaving the network connection to your DTV reciever out of the picture.

The #1 connection type is the hard wire with wireless #2
again, leave the reciever alone.
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