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Downloading guide data

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So I had some time to kill this afternoon and I decided to 'play' outside...err, try and find the eastern arc with my dish 500. I had tried a few other times to find the 61.5 with no success, but today I was able to locate it, along with the 72.5. Anyways, back to the topic. I was noticing when the receiver went to download the guide data it like blazed across the screen. If I had gone to the fridge to get a beer I probably would have missed it. The reason this was surprising is that when it downloads the guide from the western arc, it takes roughly 5-10 times the amount of time. Just wondering if anyone had any idea why. Not really pertinent to anything, just curious.
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My first guess would be that since most locals are located for western arc customers there would be a whole lot less data to download on the eastern arc.
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