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DP bugs are back:(

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My DP is getting flakey, powered itself off tonight, then later while paused did a short getting info and blacked out. Audio but no video. Powered off to reset. Missed a time recording today too.

Some things never change........:(
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The only thing predictable about the DP is that it's "UNPREDICTABLE"
Yep, mine missed a recording today too. :bang:

I hope the come out with a 721 "deal" for Dishplayer owners!!
Still doing great!

See ya
If you recently received the software upgrade to display local channels in the 000- range you have to re-boot it. Actually, any E* receiver needs to be rebooted if it receives an upgrade or it just gets flaky. That's not to say that E* re-introduced some bugs because they have crappy software control.They need an option on the Menu to accept update w/out permission and automatically reboot and obviously, retain settings. I would prefer a dialog box that stated for 8 secs that the receiver is about to reboot, accept or cancel, auto accept after no user response unless currently recording, then display the dialog box between programs and execute above procedure.
I would like a reject updates. At least that way when we get a stable software we could keep it...
You can, just change the menu option for updates to "Not Without Permission".
Marcus, I don't think the DP has received that local channels update yet.

It just has a mind of it's own sometimes, and gets flaky, and then does some real weird stuff.
Both of my DPs are still solid. Very happy with them. They haven't missed a beat.

I do not believe the DPs will get the local channel number software. There is an new upgrade in the works, but I do not know what it addresses. I have asked a contact I have, and they have said they will look into it to see what is on the list. I'll certainly let everyone know when I hear back.
Last Charlie Chat addressed the topic of local channels. I missed it. Some have told me that it is coming. Others that it is not. Who knows?
The Dishplayer may or may not get that upgrade - it depends on what E* can convince M$ to do...

One thing they ARE going to do is to goto the same extended guide that the 501/508/721 is using. So, all you DP owners will need to get a view of 110 sometime.
I beleive Charlie said the DP would not get the "locals"update (I could be wrong).

BTW, my DP has been running smooooth :smoking:
There are still some issues with the Dp, but on the whole, the significant, everyday bugs taht I used to see aren't there for us. No recordings have missed in months, no reboots (except with the fast local channel change bug, which at least can be avoided), no blinkouts, no change record to everytime (except where it should be), no audio drop outs.

If you are still getting these, you should consider reseting your DP and reloading the latest software.

Unless you enjoy the aggrevation and need a good reason to vent at E*. In that case, the bugs above will certainly support that if you can't get rid of them.
My DP is working just fine. :cool:

I still think some of these problems are due to the unit overheating. I have mine on top of the TV stand in the open where it can breathe.
Originally posted by Sam1980
I beleive Charlie said the DP would not get the "locals"update (I could be wrong).

Everytime I hear about it is a little different.
Originally posted by Marcus S
If you recently received the software upgrade to display local channels in the 000- range you have to re-boot it....
At the risk of sounding moronic, what is the procedure to reboot the 721? The reason I ask is that it seems different than the procedure to reboot the 501? Thanks.

[while I'm at it, how do you re-initialize the hard drive on the 501? The old procedure of hitting a few keys consecutively doesn't seem to work]
To reboot a 721 hold the power button on the front of the unit down for 5 - 10 seconds, it will then reboot itself.
I still can't figure out why you guys are still messing around with these things. I sold mine on ebay almost 2 years ago for a nice chunk of change :) You could have a 501,508,721...or if you just love that thing at least go with an Ultimate TV, it's almost the same but works! Plus you get 2 tuners!
I was waiting for my 721 before I got rid of my Dishplayer from my bedroom. :) Now that I got the 721 the Dishplayer is now in my sons room.

What a great idea that was! Now I don't have to sit through an hour of Pokemon every night when I get home. :D

The Dishplayer is (when it works good) a GREAT pvr, its too bad it took Dish Network and Microsoft to fix all the bugs.
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