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Papa J said:
Problem 1: Recently I changed from DSL to Uverse Internet and doubled my speed from 6 to 12 Mbps. Uverse requires a 2 Wire Gateway which replaced my modem and e4200 Cisco router. Since the change, I occasionally get a "network responding too slowly" message when I try to watch live tv on my iPad using DTV Everywhere. I have tried disabling the wireless on the gateway and using the E4200 as a wireless access point and get the same message. AT&T replaced the gateway (3600 HGV) today so I enabled the wireless on it and disconnected the E4200. I still have the same error occasionally. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated. My HR21 and 22 are connected to my router via a wired Cisco workgroup box. This is the unsupported network method but always worked flawlessly before Uverse. Also, I have had no problems with On Demand programming or watching programming from either DVR on the other DVR.

Problem 2: DTV Everywhere has never worked on my iPhone 4s. I always get an error saying something about DTV experiencing an internal server error and to try again later.
How often is occasionally?

1. Under Settings, check the WiFi settings, check that the DNS settings are tfor the Uverse servers and not still set to the DSL servers DNS.

2. There is no DTV Everywhere app for an iPhone 4s.
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