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Hello Everyone,

I been reading the posts on this board for a while trying to get a feel for DTV. I was with Comcast for a little over 2 years. Just want to share my installation experiences with everyone.
First, DTV, Dish and Comcast all treat perspective new customers very well. They all want your business. With DTV, I wanted 5 receivers, 1 HD DVR, 1 HD, 3 regular receivers and an HD antenna. Of course I was told that the HD DVR was not available and I could be put on a priority wait list. In its place they would give me a regular DVR free. So my order was 2 HD receivers, 1 DVR, 2 reg. receivers and a HD antenna. When the HD DVR was available, I could swap out a HD receiver that I paid $99 for and would only need to pay $199. My initial install was $149.00 plus tax. ($99 for HD rec. and 49 for antenna).
NOTE: For anyone new, get them to confirm your order with an email or something. In other words get it in writing. I didn't..
Install went OK. Installers did not want to go on my roof and mount the dish where Dish was 2 years ago. Said line on sight was not good. They took the easy way out and mounted on a pole next to my AC unit on the side on my house. When I looked out how the dish was pointed, it would have worked fine on the roof. (Side of dormer window about 4 ft. from the edge.)
Then the installer tells me he can't fish the wall to run the second line to the DVR in my kitchen. He wants to drill a hole through my wood floors. Luckily there is a TV cabinet there to hide the cable coming up through the floor.
Then they tell me I don't need the antenna because it won't work where the dish is. Installation done. Next day I called DTV to make sure I get a credit for the antenna. CSR says she would need to cancel my entire order and issue a new one. I was worried they would not get everything right .Told her that was not an option. She goes and talks to a supervisor and comes back to offer me a $20 credit for 6 months. OK.
Finally, 3 weeks I ago I called to get the HD DVR. The CSR said they were available so I said I would like one for the $199 price I was promised. Said she can't do that but could break the $299 down to 3 monthly payments. After getting no where with her I asked to speak to someone about canceling my service since DTV was not honoring what they promised. (This is where get it in writing will help you.) The retention CSR was nice but defensive. I told her I wanted what I was promised or she could cancel my account as my Comcast equipment was still here. After she looked through the system for a while she said she now sees I am qualified for the offer. But said it is $200.00 plus tax. OK, just schedule it.
Installer came today, charges me $52.00 to fish a basement wall for the second line. Installs the unit but cannot activate it because DTV's system is down. Also notices where the lines come into the house, a distribution box was not grounded by the previous installers. After 3 hours of waiting for my HD DVR to get activated, I called tech support and got them to do it. At this point all works fine even though I haven't played with the HD DVR yet.
Point to all this, glad to be hooked up to DTV and part of this forum. Also, based on my experiences with Comcast and Dish, they are pretty much all the same. I actually think DTV CSR's are better. Main factor in who you choose should be what you watch (HD, sports, movies, etc) and cost. Thanks, Scott
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