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DTV satellite signal question

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I have a problem that so far I have not been able to solve. My father in-law's satellite reception is weird. The even transponders get around 95 signal quality and the odd transponders get zero. What is going on here and what can I do to rectify it? Thanks.
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Is he using a splitter before the signal gets to the receiver? If not, it sounds like your LNB is bad.
Thanks for the reply karl_f.
I suspected maybe a splitter along the lines too but then
I have tried the signal straight from the dish by taking a receiver and portable television to it and checked through the receiver. We have tried two different lnbs and with the same result. I am by no means a pro at this but have dealt with and fixed many electronical problems in the past .... this one is a stumper for me thus far.
Ravendog :confused:
I'm not an expert either, but have your tried another cable? If you did and you get the same results, then I would presume it's the lnb.

Good Luck
I have tried another lnb and I first tried it on my dish and it worked great. Could it be the receiver? It is the only thing left I think. It is an RCA 5th generation with wink, etc.... thanks for the replies... if anyone else has any suggestions please give a yell

snip each end of your coax and put on new f-connectors!
Try the receiver on a dish you know works correctly. And also try a receiver you know works on the dish in question. If it's not the receiver it has to be either your cable or LNB.

Good luck.
It could be cabling as well. Sorrry to add to the cacophony of potential causes.
Once again--thanks for all the replies. I have tried everything except changing receivers because my father in-law lives 1 1/2 hours away from me. I plan to go back there next week with my good reeceiver to check it out - I have a great hues receiver that is reliable. I will also check the cabling again.
odds but no evens is almost always a moisture problem. The higher voltage needed to switch the lnb back and forth isn't getting through. Replace all of the connections, make sure they are watertight, if possible snip off about a foot of cable. Otherwise you will have to replace it. Also, check for kinks in the cable, the center wire may be cracked or broke.
Doug v,
thanks for the info--that is the first thing I will do when I go back there. As I stated before--the LNB was used at my house and it worked fine... but not at my in-laws. So you are saying it probably is NOT the receiver??
BTW isn't it fun to be your father-in-law private help desk. I get calls all the time. Once a tree branch fell on the dish and they tried to reaim it. Big mistake! when I got there the dish was pointing almost straight-up! It boggles the mind that they raised 2 kids and put them through college.
Yea--helping the in-laws helps. But my father is not any better--I installed a 10-foot dish for him 10 years ago--he lives in PA --and he calls me all the time that his satellite doesnt work. Then when I visit him I find out he hit the ku-band button by mistake. So when I go there I fix the remote buttons and he can watch tv until he does it again :rolleyes:
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