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I'm considering a subscription to DTV's Sport Pack and have a question about the regional sports networks and what is or isn't actually available.

I live about mid-way between New York and Philadelphia and already receive the YES network as part of my DTV service.

In the program guide, I see lots of baseball games lists on the Fox Regional Sports networks, but it is not obvious which of these games actually are viewable.

Can anyone provide some information, or a link to some information, on what games would or would not be viewable (or if there's any way to tell from the Program Guide).

I've searched this forum and didn't find anything relevant (maybe I didn't search on the right keywords).


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Most are blacked out. You need to purchase MLB Extra Innings, NBA, or NHL packages from DirecTV to see those feeds. You can get College Sports out of your region without subscribing to those packages.

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You're in the New York DMA (Direct Market Area) so you would recv the Yanks, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Islanders, Rangers, and Devils sporting events. You will not be able to see any out of market pro games with the Sports Pak. They willl be all blacked out.
(This is why they sell the MLB Extra Innings, NFL Sunday ticket, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice packages.) $$$$
I personally think the Sports pak isn't worth the 10-12 bucks.

Your lucky you're in the NY DMA. If you were further south, you would be in the Phila DMA and wouldn't get ANY regional sports programming (COMcast isn't on the sat. and likely never will be)
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