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smith13 said:
I decided today to call DTV to see if they would discount that superfan package for me. So I get the csr on the phone and she was very polite and asked me how she could help me.

I told her it had been some time since I looked at one of my bills for DTV and I that was surprised at how much I was spending per month with DTV. I then told her that I felt that 99 bucks was a bit steep for the superfan package.

At that point she said let me see what I can do for you. She came back on and told me she was giving me the superfan package for free and on top of that she gave me a 25 dollar discount towards my bill and then on top of that she also gave me another 10 dollar discount per month for 6 months.

So the way I see it I am getting Sunday Ticket for 164.00 bucks and superfan for free. Not too bad.:D
you for sure made out like a bandit on that one.
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