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I'm considering changing to Dish after a decade with DTV. I've looked at the Hopper, and want to know can you have the show record and then save to a specific folder that you name? Such as having an HGTV show save to a folder with my Wife's name on it? As I consider a (1) Hopper (3) Joey for our installation all the content is on one DVR and I am wondering how easy or difficult it is to manage all that content.

Also, any great deals I should be aware of? I looked at the pricing and it's on par with DTV, but not significantly better or any longer term contracts with perks such as premium channels. Only thing I've seen is the usual 3 month teasers, and HD for life.


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The Hopper has a folders function for the recordings it makes where you can create a "Wife" folder and set certain timers to record into that folder. It is only effective when you have your recorded programs sorted by "folder" instead of DVR Date or title.

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Capture them via a PC video capture card.

I use the AverMedia HD DVR card (C027).

It takes quite a bit of CPU, a very fast 2 core or decent 4-core is needed, for 720p or higher, never captured less than that so don't know. Even DVD rez (720x480) needs a fair amt of cpu.

You know you do not have adequate cpu/hdd if your frame rate is less than 30 or 60 depending on the HD you choose.

I use an old 'drivers' set (ignores HDMI copy protection) with a new software app to capture via HDMI (otherwise some DTV HD recordings were blocked when I dumped from DTV rcvr - HR700), but any versions can capture via HD 'component' (Red/green/blue, not RGB) cables.

Good Luck!!
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