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DTVPAL watch out for additional receiver charges

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Ordered DTVPAL from dish over the phone nothing to eventful other than the rep trying to sell me installation. Get the unit within a couple of days. Decide to check my account online last night and see a charge for additional receiver for the next months service. PO'd to say the least and called DISH billing support. Get a hardly understandable rep. I ask her what the additional receiver charge is for when I haven't activated any additional receivers and she just states that the charge is for an additional receiver and it must be charge for me to continue receiving dish network. She just ignored me when I said I recently purchased the DTVPAL which is an over-the-air receiver and repeats the additional access charge spiel. I then ask her witch model receiver was recently activated then, get the spiel again. By this time I am getting PO'd and ask for a supervisor. Get put on hold she comes back twice and says than none are available would I like to continue to hold, you bet your a$$ I want to hold for one. She comes back a third time and says that the charges where erroneously put on my account and that she will remove them. Fine I don't need to wait for a supervisor anymore.

I get a call about 20 minutes later from someone in quality control or something like that and english speaking who wants to know how the rep handled my call, well I let him know how it was handled and he apologized.

The charges are gone of this morning, so if you order a DTVPAL/tr-40 through Dish you might want to check your account.
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I have heard people have been having tons of problems with Dish Network related to their converter boxes. Its all about Dish trying to use them to get people to join their satellite services.
I wanted a DTVPAL as a digital OTA backup for my Hauppauge PVR-USB2 video capture box. I tried to order one via dtvpal.com, but because I'm a current DishNet customer the web app kicked me out. So I called the 800 number...

What an absolute nightmare. I simply couldn't make the CSR understand that I just wanted to buy a DTVPAL, not order new DishNet service. After about 5 minutes of verbal ping-pong, I hung up on DishNet.

Luckily, I found another online vendor (solidsignal.com) selling the DTVPAL. They were extremely easy to deal with and I'm happy to say that my DTVPAL supports wonderful ATSC recordings through the PVR box.

DishNet phone customer service has been an clusterfarq ever since they outsourced, and I try very hard to avoid it whenever possible.
Braklet said:
DishNet phone customer service has been an clusterfarq ever since they outsourced, and I try very hard to avoid it whenever possible.
What on earth is a clusterfarq?
it's another way of saying a big frelling mess made in Manila.
Well since they couldn't screw me on the DTVPAL, for some reason an extra additional receiver fee started showing up on this months statement. I went online and a old 311 box that had been disabled for several months is showing under my equipment. This receiver had been disable for almost a year. Have made 2 calls and reps have assured me that it has been taken care of, we'll see.
I ordered 2 dtvpal plus boxes and it was a nightmare. I also got kicked out of the online order system because I am a Dish subscriber. When the CSR totaled my order it was MORE EXPENSIVE then the online order page! When I questioned that it started a whole bag of problems. I finally got it straightened out 2 days later (the original CSR double taxed me!). I had the overcharge credited to my bill but not before speaking with 3 CSRs and 2 supposed supervisors (The first one just got on the phone and yelled "Hello" repeatedly and then cut me off! Funny thing is he had the exact same voice and accent as the orignal CSR that overcharged be and then put me on hold for 40 minutes while he supposedly got a supervisor after I asked to speak to one!)

If they try and charge me any extra fees on my bill I will go ballistic with them!
I called the 1-800 number when the web site kicked me out. The CSR wanted all of my Dishnetwork account information and pin number. I told him I just wanted the DTVPal. He got my account from my phone number and then tried to sell me changes to my Dish service. After explaining to him that I did not want to change my service, he persisted. Ultimately, I told him that other vendors would sell me one. I hung up and ordered online from Solid Signal at the same price.
Check online and they credited my account for November's additional receiver fee along with crediting me again for Octobers which they did the first time I called. Let's see how much of a mess that makes things.
I have NEVER succeeded in getting a supervisor when I'm having trouble with a CSR. I have been told they are listening in on the call, but they do not speak. Talk about annoying......
finniganps said:
I have NEVER succeeded in getting a supervisor when I'm having trouble with a CSR. ... Talk about annoying......
I've ALWAYS succeeded in getting a supervisor hen needed. Wonder what the difference is in our approaches?
I got hit with the Additional Receiver Fee too for a DTVPAL DVR. :confused:
Now for the fun of trying to clear it up.
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