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jgriffin said:
I had the Dish 622 HD system installed in April. At the time, my system had the 622 as a primary receiver and an older 508 DVR as a second bedroom receiver. The new dish install used the existing dish for 119/110 and a new, second dish for 129.

I have recently purchased a second 622 DVR to replace the 508.

The second 622 was installed in place of the 508, but I occasionally get a "switch error." I have seen this on both receivers now and have discovered it appears to be happening only when watching HD channels. After a receiver reset, everything begins to work again.

I never had a problem when using the 622/508 combination.

The install includes two lines direct from the dish, through a grounding block, and into the receivers. All coax checks as fine and the connections are good.

Do I need any upgrades to the dish to utilize 2 HD receivers? From what I was told, the second 622 should have been a drop in replacement.

if you have a 44 switch then you might have a bad switch if you have a 34 switch then you have bigger prob. if you can take the line that goes to the new622 and put it on a diff output of the switch if that doent work then you need to call dish and have then put in a new switch
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