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DVR 510 Recurring Problems

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I've been with Dish since its inception. Over the past 3 years, however, we have had repetitive problems with several 510 DVRs. We probably experience
1. It will occasionally record a 1 or 2 hours show for 7 or 8 hours.
2. It will appear to be recording (red light on) but the TV screen is blank and there was nothing recorded.
3. During the Olympics this summer, several of the 6 to 8 hour broadcasts we recorded locked up if you tried to FF past commercials or events. You could watch in real time but hitting FF or the jump ahead froze the program and all you could do was start over from the beginning.
4. I will set up a timer to record a show and it will take no action.

We pay the insurance and are now on our 4th or 5th (I've lost count) 510. It's hard to believe that this is a problem that only I am having and it's pretty consistent across all the 510's we've had. Is this just a terribly buggy unit? If I upgrade to a better model, would these issues lessen? Thanks.

Tom K
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Tom, there are many of us who are experiencing all manner of DVR problems due to Dish's "upgrading" of our 5xx DVR firmware over the past year or so. Unfortunately Dish's troubleshooting guide for DVR timer and recording problems offers only one solution: get a replacement DVR. However, as of last Thursday there was no plan in place to do anything about it -- once reason why DH and I will be migrating to another satellite or cable provide this winter.

I've had many long talks with advanced technical service about this and the technicians acknowledge that the problem is not solely with the hardware. In my opinion, and that of many other frequent posters to these threads, Dish rushed to get NBR software out, in part to fulfill longstanding promises and also to avoid future lawsuits based on the resemblance of the earlier firmware to Tivo's operating system.

Take a look at all the other discussions about this issue here and at Satellite Guys, and stop falling for Dish's lame DVR replacement solution. If you're paying a monthly DVR fee, I'd demand a refund unless and until Dish figures out why its firmware doesn't work correctly on 5xx DVRs.

Good luck, you're in good company!
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