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DVR breakups/dropouts on HD locals in Philly area

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Anyone in Philly area having pixelation, video breakup and audio dropouts on HD locals when using DVR over the last few weeks? I have an HR20-100 that plays live and DVR signals well and has for years, but when playing back DVR locals at times is unwatchable. Response to the remote is also very slow. The 103 spots are Tuner 1: 15-99%; 23-78%. Tuner 2: 15-98%; 23-74%. Strange that transponder 23 is lower; NYC spots are 100% across the board. I have run all boot diagnositics except surface scan--no errors.

If no one else is having issue, I suspect HDD is failing. Plan to complete surface scan shortly. Anything more to try?
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Your signals on TP23 (one of the Philadelphia spotbeams) are as you say VERY low. What are your signals like on 103ca and 103cb??
Philly locals in use--running live with no issues--not going to disturb the wife to run signal strength again. But from memory, lowest 103 Conus is 88, remainder 94-99 on both tuners. Concur 103(s) T23 is low, but appears to be the only one among the spots in the region.
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