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DVR Keeps Recording SD Channels

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I have a HR20-700 and a wishlist setup for the Chicago Cubs. Whenever a game, pregame show or post-game show is on WGN or Comcast Sportsnet 665 it will record both the HD feed and the SD feed.

I have SD Duplicates hidden and none of these channels appear in my Favorites list or in the 'Channels I Receive" guide.

Does anyone else of this issue or has this been addressed before? :confused:
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Wow! No one else! Really?
Problem is, the receiver still sees and knows that SD channel is there, and since it matches your atuo-record, it grabs it. No away around it at the moment.
I have the same problem with autorecord wishlists. According to a number of other users, they never have this happen. So we must just be lucky.

I just stopped using them, since they dont follow the "channels I get" rules, and from what I've heard there arent any plans for them to do so.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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