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Hello. New to the forum. Sorry if this is a little long.

I have been a D* member for several years now. I had been holding off on the dvr because of the 2 yr commitment and my neighbors trees which threaten to block my signal in the future. D* sent someone out and he assured me that only 119 might someday be blocked but these are the local channels and they are going to be moved to another transponder (?)

So I called D* back to get the hd dvr and explained that I was having some problems with some of my hi def channels on my h23 receiver. For 2 weeks in a row I could not watch the game on NFL HD due to flickering/flashing/sometimes split-screen/lines completely covering picture,etc. No problem however on the SD channel. The csr told me he would send a H20 as a replacement for the H23 so that I can tune in HD OTA as I would no longer have OTA capabilities with my receivers. I told him that the last H20 I had ran extremely hot and crashed on me. He assurred me that those issues have been corrected. I didn't even know you could get the H20 anymore. However, when I checked my order status I see that they are sending another H23.

They are sending someone out on Wed to install HD dvr. But I will no longer have OTA with these 2 receivers. I know I can buy the am21 but I really hate to pay for something that I don't think should have to.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Has anyone experienced anything like I did with the H23? Was there a possibility that I could have received an updated H20? I know I am a long standing customer with a very good rating with D* but I don't know what recourse I might have.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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