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I have a 722, on version L722, in dual mode and I'm having an issue with a pair of timers, one is 11 in priority list, a 1 hour show, the other is 54 in the list and a 30 minute show. They both start at the same time, and so the #11 show is usually the one that gets recorded, as long as it's a new episode. This would be as expected, and how it's worked as long as I've had these 2 timers set up(maybe 4 months?). It's also how all timers have worked in the past, on this DVR and my previous one, going back around 6 years.

Starting 2 weeks ago, both timers record, the #54 records, then when it's done, at 8:33, the #11 show records from then until 9:03. I end up with #54 recorded in it's entirety, and the last 30 minutes of #11 recorded as a seperate event. I expect #54 to not record at all, and #11 to be recorded completely. That's why it's #11 on the priority list, and why I moved #54 down to 54 back when I started recording #11.

I've started a new thread for this, as I'm not seeing quite this problem anywhere else.

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I have been having all kinds of bizarre timer issues for years. Yours is one I have had a couple of times that makes no sense when looking through the schedules to see what happened. It says all was and went fine. The only way I could resolve it was to delete the timers and redo them. Can't guarantee that it will work, but it's all that probably can be done. Other than better software.

I just stumbled on one where the preceding program recorded 15 minutes into the following one. Not overlapping, but back to back timers. I almost deleted the first one until I realized that 15 minutes of the following one was on the tail end of it. I have tons of pictures of these happenings just to prove, one day, that I'm not going nutz.

I'm hyper critical of timers after having a TiVo long before DISH had DVR's. Timer conflict resolution in TiVo's is shear genius. Never had any of the problems that I have had or have read about in the forums. And I would imagine that if DISH got near to how well TiVo timers work, they'd be sued for some reason. I think that's why we have so many problems with Timers and Name Based Recording. I'm thoroughly surprised that Charlie on one of his buying sprees didn't pick up TiVo when it was prime for it. Then we'd have an incredible UI and all else that comes with it. And Charlie would have no suits against him and many against other competitors. A bit of a win/win. /rant
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