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I have 2 DVR's and 3 HD receivers. Recently (3 weeks or so) the playback on any recorded show has been choppy where the screen will freeze or become pixilated for a second and the audio will drop out. This makes viewing almost impossible. On top of that hitting the guide button or list button takes at least 10 to 15 seconds to display. I called DirecTV today and they ran diagnostics on all the boxes and all were fine. All have the latest software.

Could internet speed have something to do with my problem? I have been uploading a lot of data lately to Crash plan (online backup) over DSL which slows down my computer, but even when I pause the backup the playback does not improve.

The person who helped me thought it might just be network stations that were the problem, but then we tried a Starz recording and the same problem happened. I have a technician visit scheduled for Tuesday. This makes me nervous, because the last few people they sent did not know the first thing about whole house DVR and left without doing anything. I finally got it running myself by reading these boards and acquiring the necessary equipment. I put up a picture of my setup on this site because I was so proud that I got it going and working flawlessly. Now I don't know what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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I am seeing similar issues on one of my HR24s. It has been sluggish ever since the HDUI update, but lately I have been getting the playback issues as well. My other HR24 does not suffer from the slow UI experience, but it also has some annoying playback issues. There are some discussions around forthcoming software fixes for at least some of these problems.

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