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DVR Recording Issue

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First of all, I have a DTV HR21-200 receiver.......
Last night my wife and I settled in to watch a recording from the night before. When I tried to play the recorded show, it jumped right to the delete now or don’t delete button rather than playing the show. I tried it again with the same results, so I tried a different show and it did the same thing. My only thought on what to try was to press the reset button to reboot the unit. When it came back up, the four shows that were recorded were gone. So I tried to record the current program and although it looked like it was recording, the playback was blank. I pressed the reset again to try it once more before calling DTV. When the unit came back up I pressed the record button for the current show and this time, it did record just fine. At that point there were a couple of shows preset to record and they started to record. Checking this morning they playback fine and the shows that are scheduled to record are still preset to record.

Has anyone seen this with a DTV HD-DVR before? I have had this unit for about a year with no real problems. The last SW update was 7/17 so nothing in the last week.
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Seems like I'm not the only one to experiance it. I should have known.
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