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DVR scheduler confused Prioritizer

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I decided to try out the DVR scheduler yesterday on my HR20-100 that has the national release (7/16/08). I was trying to add next week's premiere of “Time Warp” which wasn’t showing up in my DVR’s guide data correctly (blank title / info in time slot in the schedule).

I added the show online without any problems, but when I checked the Prioritizer on the DVR to verify that it was added the show title was at the top of the list with only a couple other entries. Over 90% of my scheduled shows were missing!!!

I figured they were gone for good, and started adding back in stuff for last night to make sure they were recorded. I thought it was a little weird that when I could click record on a show that it went straight to the icon indicating series record. I eventually went back to the Prioritizer to verify things, and much to my surprise it was completely messed up, and now had several duplicates and full at 50 entries and several entries listed at the same entry number. I tried deleting duplicates, but exiting the Prioritizer and coming back in would only show it messed up again.

I did a red button restart, but it didn’t help.
Anybody seen this, or know of a fix besides wiping the setup?
I may have been at 50 shows already when I added the event from the scheduler, but I don’t know for sure.
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I had a similar problem yesterday. Tried to add "Crusoe" via the online scheduler. I set to "Definitely Record" and when I got home it had put it at the top of my list. But all I noticed my daily recording of NBC Nightly News, (Both, keep just one,) had all but disappeared from my todo list. When I checked the prioritizer it said no upcoming episodes. After playing around deleteing the Nightly News SP and Crusoe SP, I would exit out and go back in and the SP were still there. I even tried deleting and readding them but the default recording options I had set would not stick and the old rules would be applied AND the SP would be prioitized from where I had originally had them. I then tried adding random shows and they would be prioritized halfway in my list. I RBR'd and had no luck. On a whim, I tried reorganizing my News SP from last to second to last. EXITthen back in and it stuck. I switched it back to last place and all worked fine. After a whole night of waiting, this morn everything was scheduled correctly and back to normal with Crusoe in my lineup.
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