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DVR Scheduler, east coast times only...?

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Forgive me if this is the wrong area to mention this, but...

Yesterday, I tried via the website and my iPhone to remotely schedule the AFL American Conference Championship game on ESPN HD.

#1 - Using my iPhone, it appeared that DVR Scheduler was only working in East Coast time. I'm in California (-3 hrs). I don't remember having this problem before and as a result, it recorded the wrong timeframe.

#2 - I also tried via the website, I could not get the programming guide to go past my local TV stations. There was no scroll bar on the right side of the guide. Thus, I couldn't get into the 70's or 200's channels.

#3 - Why can't we add more time at the end of a scheduled show?

Any ideas...? :bang

And any ideas when we'll be able to transfer recordings to UPnP devices? Since D* purchased ReplayTV, it would be nice to be able to access my HR20 from my ReplayTVs and DVArchive. :D
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