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Bobasaurus said:
I just made my first attempt a remote scheduling a recording and it did not work. The email from directv indicated no channel with the correct time in the year 2069.

Has anybody seen this problem? I have an HR-21 connected via a cat 5 cable and phone line.

From the directv email: "

on Channel on 12/31/69 at 7:00 PM EST
(If you ordered a Pay Per View title, it will expire 24 hours after viewing begins.)

DVR #: xxxx-xxxx-5340
Location: LIVING "

Thanks Bobby
I recall seeing that the first time I scheduled... and that was a long time ago. Did you check your ToDo list on that receiver to see if it in fact did schedule?

I use the scheduler all the time and have had no issues with it. It may just be a fluke on one of your first schedules or with the e-mail verification system.
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