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I'm a longtime TIVO addict who just recently converted to DTV HD DVR.

Once every few weeks with TIVO I would sit down (and starting with the letter "A") essentially go through the entire TIVO menu looking for shows to record. It usually took about 30 to 40 minutes but, I would load up on a bunch of "one time" or unique shows that I might otherwise not have caught.

Now, with DTV DVR I try to do the same thing but, I've noticed that it lists EVERY single program from evey single channel ncluding the proramming I've not incorporated into my "custom 1" channel listings.

So, when I'm paging through all the programs, I not only get everything from what I've included in my "custom 1" but also programming that's available on channels I've "left off" my custome 1 listing (ie spanish channels, porn, religious, etc).

In order to reduce paging through pograms I don't want to record / have to sift through....is there a way to block these channels elsewhere?

Hopefully someone will understand what I'm talking about.

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I know exactly what you mean, and I haven't been able to find any way to block it either. Searches seem to be performed against the list of all possible shows, even on channels you don't get, so you're stuck paging through a lot of Spanish, religious, and shopping shows.

In the parental controls you can turn off "adult channels", and that makes most of the porn disappear.


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You can Select the Guide Button and then go to the Channel you want to look for shows, then toggle over to the left where the channel is and Hit the Info Button which will bring up all of the shows and you just keep toggling down selecting the events you want to record.

Then get out of it and go to the next channel down and do the same thing.
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