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E*8 launch cancelled again!!

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Well once again the mission was scrubbed again, Reason unknown for cancellation. Did you see the look from the chief engineer during the telecast just before they signed off..He was no happy camper. They did mention to check in for re-launch status....www.ilslaunch.com.
This does not sound like good news...Why does Directv have no problems launching a bird...getting the bird tested quick and starting service with no problems......strange???:confused:
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High windows aloft... rescheduled for tomorrow =]
I wonder how much an abort costs.. prolly a pretty penny =)
High Windows Aloft? Is that Bill Gates' attempt to capitalize on the communications satellite game? :)

See ya
Oh my! Bad news! So, when will the bird launch? Anyone know?

Nevermind, I see it's 23:15 mountain time tmw., due to high WINDS
On the Dishnetwork site. it said launch was delayed do to weather. It will launch the 21 of aug.
Well they did say at the very beginning of the broadcast that weather may be a problem. It was borderline too hot and winds were being monitored. I much rather wait a few days for weather than have the satellite delay a year because it is destroyed.
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