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Jables said:
The full time VS HD is much more welcomed by me.
They must have updated that because when I originally posted and linked that, it didn't list 5 channels. I'm and NHL guy, too, and I would have mentioned if I saw VERSUS.

Anyway, It's all good! bring em all on!

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kryscio23 said:
That's cool ... now how about Comedy Central?
Other than the generic feeling of "the more HD, the better", I could care less about E! Like you, I'd like to see Comedy Central move to HD. However, I doubt that they have much of anything actually in HD to broadcast. While I would like to see "The Daily Show" in HD, I have to admit that it probably wouldn't make it any funnier than it already is (which is generally pretty darned funny!).

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dday515 said:
The Soup!!
That's the only show I care about on this channel. Now, if they can get the repeats of SNL when they debuted in HD onward...that would be fine.
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