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Earl (and a Welcome to Quickone)

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I know I don;t have many post on here, but I am a avid reader of dbs forums. I think a thread needs to be open to thank Earl for continuing to provide us with true info from Dtv, as well as general info about DBS

Thanks Earl and Keep up the good work!

The guy from Boston Smiling about his OTA on his h20!
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Why not, Earl's a great guy! He does a whole lot to make our lives easier, the least we can do is say thanks.
You all have said thanks, in many different ways.

I just closed a thread earlier today, with the similar notions.

I do very much appriciate it, but....
I am going this thread as well.

I do this because:
1) I can
2) I enjoy it
3) See #1 or #2

Seriously... thank you... The threads like this and PM's I get, are all the thanks I need.

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Welcome to the forums. :welcome_s

It was so good of you to thank Earl for all his hard work, joy of service to the cause, and his fine art of being a moderator. You were so right to acknowledge all the great things Earl does for us. Even whilst he is working a full-time job. ;)

Thanks again,
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