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Echostar - Back to Earth

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Good Read.

Sounds like DirecTV is in worse shape then we thought.
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And when and if DirecTV goes bankrupt and closes down Charlie will go and apply for all there satellite locations and switch everyone on D* to E* and in a way Charlie gets his merger.
Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I think saying that Echostar workers don't have much emotionally invested in the merger is a bit of an understatement, but a good read nonetheless.
Could that article possibly get any more biased? The Rocky Mountain News in Colorado!

No doubt the exposure from this "mess" helped get Ergen better known, but the guy writing that article is stretching things a bit.
I don't think the writer was biased. Everything that sounded biased came from an analyst. He may be biased. :)

I don't know if D* is in bad shape. I think I remember seeing their revenues were up. Losing some subscribers after kicking out some freeloaders with hacked cards doesn't hurt them in the long run. Still an attractive company to buy, especially for Murdoch.
The thoughts that DirectTV will immediately go up for sale may be a bit premature. It is possible with the 2.7billion and the 600million breakup fee (3.3billion) GM may be satisfied for now with the cash to shore up the pension accounts. GM might just wait for the stock market to improve and sell DirectTV for a good price than sell now at a fire sale price.
Hello Larry, and welcome to DBSTalk! :hi:

Exactly what in the article did you find to be completely biased? The Rocky Mountain News has in the past primarily had a stong bias against Echostar, and after reading that article this morning, it certainly doesn't seem to me to be biased towards E*.
Well,, I haven't been following what that paper has been saying in the past. But, when I first read that article, parts of it to me appeared just totally ridiculous.

"spiraling into the abyss and even somebody as smart as Charlie Ergen has to have doubts whether the integration of these two companies could sink his own company"

"on the verge of implosion"

That is simply absurd and the author should have at least interviewed both sides using actual names, instead of people that wanted anonymity.

The fact that the article was just quoting other people doesn't change mean they couldn't have toned it down a little! It almost sounds like they are saying, if Charlie can't get "D" then maybe he didn't really want it.

When I can't believe part of a article then the whole thing goes out the window, as far as I'm concerned.

I was also taking into account thats kind of Charlie's hometown paper isn't it?

Anyway if "D" is in that kind of trouble, which it isn't,, then "E" best be looking very carefully at the future, because they probably wouldn't be far behind.

But for now it appears both are in pretty good condition, all things considered. IMO.

Also, thanks for the welcome.
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