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EchoStar VIII Launch Set

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The EchoStar VIII satellite is set to launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, Aug. 20, aboard a Proton launch vehicle.

The satellite was originally scheduled to fly on June 22. Just prior to launch, anomalous readings from a command receiver on the satellite were observed, resulting in the delay, the company said. The problem was identified and has since been corrected, EchoStar added.

OTHER NOTES: It now looks like Time Warner Cable in Texas won't charge subscribers with set-top boxes damaged by recent flooding as much as $300 or more for the wrecked equipment.

On Friday, a local Time Warner Cable executive told the San Antonio Express-News that a "miscommunication" caused some employees to wrongly tell customers they would be charged for boxes damaged or destroyed by the floods. Earlier last week, a Time Warner spokesperson said customers would be assessed for any equipment damaged or destroyed by the flooding.

From SkyReport (Used with Permission)
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I hope they can get it up.

Hey that was a joke... :D
Maybe they got a head start, I hope they can get my locals up in DMA #61 after launching this satellite. How many cities will they be capable of after they launch this satellite?
Interesting RAD, according to your article thats tomorrow.
Echostars press release state's August 20Th.
This link shows 8/20
I guess we will find out when we see on the Remote Control Help channel on 1:15 or so. LOL
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