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EHD questions

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I have not hooked up an EHD yet... how do programs appear on the Hopper screen? Is there one icon for "EHD" or do all the EHD programs just show up with all the other recorded stuff? Is there the ability to create folders on the EHD? More than 6?
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There is a drop down menu, "My Hopper", similar to the one for "My Recordings". When External drive #1 (or #2) is selected, it populates the screen with icons for your recordings (not all of them other than generic from 722/622 transfers). I've never used anything other than group by title - it does that. Someone else will have to chime in on the rest.
The drop-down only appears when an EHD is connected. It looks like this on my 922:

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The recordings will not appear with the recordings stored internally on the Hopper, however you can access the drop down as pictured above in order to display the recorded programs in your external drive.
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