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Need Help.

I recently moved to Edina and moved my DirectTV service. I had the tech scheduled to come-in and install all of my equipment, which I had brought with me (instead of giving them to the movers to pack and move) - or so I thought :-( Unfortunately, i had forgotten to bring with me the DECA1MR0-01 (white boxes) and DECABB1MR0-01 (black box) with me and instead they got packed with my stuff that movers took. When the DirectTV tech arrived to hook-up dish and equipment to TV, my boxes had not arrived... as a result, he wasn't able to install whole-home DVR feature. Now i'm trying to do it myself and am having issues. Can someone tell me how to hook these together? Here's what I have:
1. HR22-100 (DVR)
2. H23-600 (HD)
3. H25-100 (HD)

I have two DECA1MR0-01 and one DECABB1MR0-01 and a splitter. I remember that the splitter, one DECA1MR0-01 and DECABB1MR0-01 were connected to the DVR (HR22-100) and the second DECA1MR0-01 was connected to the H23-600

Appreciate any help on how to connect these (ie which connector connects to what, in what sequence)

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