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Equip needed to add 3rd tuner too house a 622

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Right now I have two recievers a 721 and a 921 and I have two dishes connected to a SW-64 switch. The one dish is pointed at 61.5 and the other at 110/119. I am planning to add a new HD TV in the living room and instead of feeding off the 921 tp it via component was thinking of the 622 with HDMI.

Would I be able to change out the switch in order to use the 622 also or use some sort of diplexer? I am in the TAMPA market and there is no word on Tampa local HD channels yet so I don't know if I will need another dish for that later. Right now I get the distant CBS-HD but it sounds as if that maybe taken away soon.
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70+ views on this post and nobody can give me an answer I guess I am not part of the clique.
James Long said:
I believe people are confused as to what you want to do and have left it to others to answer ... it isn't a HD issue, so I'll move this out into the general forum where it will be seen by more users.

What you have is apparently all legacy --- a SW64 being fed by six feeds, four from your 119°/110° dish and two from your 61.5° dish. Then two feeds from the SW64 go to each of your receivers - one is a 921 the other is a 721. You have four tuners in use - two each within two receivers.

What you want is a question. If you are just replacing the 921 with a 622 technically you don't need to upgrade the switches (although E* will gladly come to your house and do that as part of the $199 lease upgrade). There are rebates on the upgrade that make this free if you are willing to give up your 921 and lease the 622. Or you can get a $100 rebate and keep or privately sell your 921. Note that any upgrade deal requires you subscribe to the new DishHD packages, which cost more per month than your current HD subscription.

If you are adding a 622 to your system or want to go modern with your setup you will be replacing the LNBs on both dishes with DishPro devices and using at least two DPP44 or DP34 switch. If you are replacing one of your receivers you only need one DPP44 or a DP34 if you don't mind continuing to run two cables for that location.
Sorry I was a bit unclear with my post. I do want to add the 622 to my current setup so that would give me 3 receivers with a total of 6 tuners. Right now I have 4 coax cables coming into the house two to each of the existing receivers. There are 6 coax cables going out of the sw-64 switch to dish 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B.
I do already have a set of two coax wires from where the dishes are running to where the new receiver would be. So it looks like I will need to buy new Dishpro lnb's and a couple DP44's?
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