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Equipment needed for installation

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I am going to be upgrading to HD and I will be using a 222k receiver. I have the 3 LNB's that I need, but I am unsure of what I need in between the dish and the receiver. I thought all I would need is a DP44 switch, but after looking at a few different diagrams I am now confused. Please let me know.

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:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

There is no "DP44" switch, so I'm not sure if you meant DP34 or DPP44.

The DP34 requires a line be run to each tuner input.

The DPP44 is a DishPro Plus switch which lets you use just 1 line to the receiver with a DPP Separator at the back to feed the 2 inputs. You can do the same with the DPP33 which doesn't require a power inserter.

Where in AK are you, and what size dish do you have for each slot?
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