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Error 004

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My screen keeps showing Error 004 "An error has been detected in your switch...". There is some more info with instructions on running the "Check Sitch" test on the Point Dish screen. I called Dish and they ran through a couple of troubleshooting steps and then suggested a tech come out.

Howerver there is going to be a $49 charge for them to do that. That really upsets me and I really don't want to pay them to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas what I could possibly look at myself instead of paying them the fee?

It might be time to call the cable company or DirectTV and see what they have to offer.
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exdnemployee said:
E* does not want to lose your service over a tech problem, believe me....

Well, the way I see it, you have two choices:
a) threaten to cancel...usually works.
b) sign up for the Dish Home Protection Plan. $5.99 per month, discounts your service call to $29 and covers all of your equipment.

I say go for the combo platter. Call and threaten to disconnect unless they give you a month free of the protection plan and a free service call. This way, when they come out to fix it, anything they have to replace (ie a switch) will be covered. There is no commitment to keep the protection plan, so just be sure to cancel after the month is over. (or the second the tech leaves....)
Thanks for the reply (and thanks to the others that replied too!). I have been considering this method. I assumed they would probably waive the fee if I said I would cancel. I am actually an AT&T Dish Network customer with Phone/Inet/Dish/Cingular all on the same account. I figured that if Dish wouldn't waive I would call ATT and threaten to cancel everything, I think that would probably get it done. ;)

Anyway, I took the advice above disconnected everything for about 20 mins and hooked it all back up and it seemed to work fine for the rest of the evening. I'll see how it goes over the next couple of days and if it comes back it might have to be time to get more serious about it.

Again thanks to everyone for the help!
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