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Error 771A, Tech scheduled--Problem might be resolved

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Hi All

Called Yesterday for a tech to come out, Today i changed one little adapter, and then went outside and disconnected and reconnected and retighening one cable coming from Dish, and one going inside--anyways it's working again, appears fine, so should i keep the Tech appointment for Friday or cancel it?

Any advice is appreciated
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This is a no win question.
If I say cancel, it will come back.
If I say don't, he'll come out and find what you did fixed the problem.
Below is a picture of item i replaced, this was given to me by the Tech when he originally did the install in May, so far working fine, but yes i agree if i do cancel, it could come back, and then i'd have to reschedule another appointment


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Have him come out and look over your work. While he is there, he can check out your system and catch any other issues before they turn into something worse..

edit: Barrels are notorious for causing problems..
Like VOS said, hard for us to know, especially without more info.

What "little adapter" did you change? A barrel, a compression fitting, a gorund block?

Was your problem intermittant, or was your signal completely out for an extended period of time?

Was there water in any of the connections that you unfastened/refastened?
That's a barrel. As with any connection, it might have been the problem. :shrug:
Ok, so you replaced a barrel connector. Was this barrel inside or outside? Did it have weather boots on it, and if so did you move them to the new barrel and make sure to get them on correctly? Did you put any dielectric grease in the outdoor connections?
Singal was completely out from Yesterday 8:30a.m. til i did this around 3:30pm. Eastern time today

A Barrel Fitting i guess it's called, i poted a picture of it in an edit to my previous post, so far no problems, whole home working, all 4 receviers are working fine so far

Put the Grease in, reput the weather boots on, also replaced another one that was inside as well in another room to reach the television is why that one needed it

So far no problems noticed at this point
In that case I would probably wait until Thursday afternoon and if you haven't seen any more issues then go ahead and cancel the appointment. But that's really up to you.
Thanks for the replies, and agree will wait and see how it does before i decide on cancelling or keeping the appointment..

Had this issue during the original install, is only reason how i knew what the possible fix maybe, as the Tech told me when he gave me the connector if you should experience that issue again, this should fix it..

So far seems to have fixed it, but do wanna make totally sure before i decide on if keeping or canceling appointment
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