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eSata can be moved from box to box?

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I will caveat this with I am not able to check in here every day, so it is quite possible I missed this change along the way. I was always under the impression that if you moved an external esata drive from one box to another all the data would be lost?

I just got a replacement box because my old box had wiped my esata drives 4 times. I plug in the new receiver, hook up esata, boot up, and I am suprised to find the data, recordings, passes etc all there intact that I was using before the swap.

So was this changed at some point and I just missed it?

If I had known that I for sure would have switched out boxes sooner, but I didn't want to lose everything.
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You series links will work and your recordings will still show but the recordings will not play. They are married to the unit they were recorded on and will need to be deleted.
Sirshagg said:
I believe people have reported OTA recordings will play.
I believe that is correct.
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