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ESPN/ABC, can I get my screen back?!?!

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Remember when our TV screen was just filled with the program?

Trying to enjoy primetime college football on ABC (Cal vs. Mich. St.) and also switching between Mizzou vs. Illini on ESPNHD. And now they have the sports ticker running at the bottom of the screen. THat used to be only on ESPN2. Have gotten used to the game tracker at the top of the screen as that's the norm for all sports, but now filling the bottom is over the top.

I personally feel the bottom ticker is distracting, if I needed to get a score\news I'll go to ESPN2 or ESPNNews.

How can I complain about this foolishness. I just want the game on my screen. Don't need the bottom ticker.
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vgsantiago said:
Yeah, that too! I agree, I noticed they try to use that for penalties and used it to show the starting lineup, but seriously!!
Apparently your ESPN viewing alternatives are more important than what is going on the game that you're currently watching. I have a 61" TV and I can barely read the stuff scrolling across the top.

They also flash the lineups so fast that I can't really get a feel for who's playing.

+1 on Jeremy W's NBC fence/net complaint.

I hope that at some point they will produce HD versions of the game instead of wide screen versions that will still work by simply chopping the sides off.
Jeremy W said:
Harsh and I agreeing on something... definitely not something you see every day.
We only disagree on objective things.
vgsantiago said:
Didn't catch that, please elaborate.
The idea is that ESPN wants you to keep checking various other ESPN channels so that you never have leave the comfort of their programming. They keep showing everything else they have going on at the bottom of whatever you're watching.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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