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ESPN Channel 206

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Sorry if this is covered someplace else, but I couldn't find much. For the last 10 days, whenever I tune to channel 206, I get a "Searching for satellite signal...(error 771)" message. The first few times, I got this for just a couple of seconds and then ESPN was on. Today, I got the message and nothing...no channel, just the message. I rebooted and still get the message for a second or so, but ESPN came on. This is true with both of my HR20-100 receivers. I never had a problem with this in the past at all. Any thoughts???
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All is well here. Are you having issues with any other channels? What are your satellite strengths?
Sounds like you have an alignment issue. Directv recently moved all the HD espn's in the 200 range to their new sat. What are your signals for 99c?
Like cdizzy says, your dish probably needs to be re-aligned.

I have exactly the same issue that started when they switched a bunch of channels (ESPN's included) to the new sat. The worst for me is I lost Toon Disney (292), my son wasn't too happy about that. They are coming to align my dish tomorrow.
Yep you've got alignment issues. I had the same problem, and was able to fix it myself. Are you being charged for the svc. call?
No charge for me, I have the protection plan. Plus, I would rather have them climb up to the dish, it is not just on the edge of the roof.
Well, the tech's came out and fixed me up quick. Just a little tweak needed to the dish. He did also look at all my connections to make sure things looked okay.

Another very good installer experience for me.
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