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Jive Turkey said:

As a follow up, here is another thing that makes you scratch your head. Assuming the online guide is correct, tonight's Baylor/KSU game is blacked out every where--on the FC channels and from the RSN's. Me being in VA, it isn't because the game is being aired locally. (Ball St/Toledo is blacked out as well). Meanwhile a game that is being aired locally is not blacked out.

Like I said, you never know what they will blackout. It seems to have no rhyme or reason so for 90% of people I would say Full Court would be a waste of money.
Yeah - I wasn't surprised it was blacked out on the RSNs (those Big XII games outside of the ones on Altitude are usually blacked out for whatever reason), but I couldn't understand why I was getting 'channel not purchased' when I flipped to the FC channel.
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