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ESPN Listings

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I noticed my Direct DVR was not recording Pardon the Interuption on ESPN today, I went into the guide, and both ESPN and ESPN2, and all that is listed for the next two weeks on those two channels is To Be Announced.
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i have info in my guide.

are those the only 2 without info for u ?
Also missing TNT, UHD, tdishd, HDN. All the channels are coming in, but just no listings.
I know some guide data still comes from sat 119, I wonder if LOS to 119 could affect that guide data in particular? Do you have good signal strenght from 119?
Looks good. On the third line i have the last three listed are 98 0 95
and the fourth line is 0 96 95 96 0 97 0 97.

I guess I need to do the old standby and restart the receiver.
remember it will take maybe a day to repopulate out the full 12 days in the guide after a restart....but u should get all today ok soon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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