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From a Variety columnist looking back at the 1993-4 season:
  • "Law & Order" was on. So were "Cops," "America's Most Wanted," "America's Funniest Home Videos," "60 Minutes," "Dateline NBC" and "Primetime."
  • Beverly Hills, "90210," was considered an alluring zip code for a country facing economic uncertainty.
  • NBC aired a sweet, low-rated drama about a high-school football coach in Texas ("Against the Grain" then, "Friday Night Lights" now).
  • Pro football was a major primetime attraction, albeit on a different night and network.
  • An elite cop unit sought missing persons ("Missing Persons" then, in Chicago; "Without a Trace" now, in New York).
  • There was a show about Superman ("Lois & Clark" then, "Smallville" now).
  • Oh, and Teri Hatcher was in a Sunday-night drama on ABC.
  • Fox launched a show about a duo investigating the paranormal ("The X-Files") or weird science ("Fringe"). Based on that, be on the lookout for the inevitable bigscreen revival, "Fringe: Honest, I Swear I Still Believe," circa 2023.
The whole column is interesting.
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