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Expand size of spotbeam with a larger antenna?

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The spot beam charts, I'm guessing, are drawn for installations with an 18" antenna and wonder what the charts would look like for larger antennas.
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My guess is that dish size does not affect spotbeam coverage all that much, besides if you are autorized to see what is on that spotbeam you should be able to pick it up no problem. Matter of fact during times of rain fade my spotbeam signals are the last ones affected. If you are needing to increase dish size for a spotbeam, you are trying to pick up something you are not supposed to.
You can increase weak signals with a bigger dish. This works when you are on the edge of the footprint of the spot.
Absolutely I'm trying to pick up something I'm not supposed to without having to buy Slingbox hardware.
A spotbeam is like a flashlight. Once you leave its field of view (or light, w/ my flashlight example) than you can no longer see it. Additionally, as you leave its 'footprint', you'll START entering the footprint of the NEXT spotbeam. Your still tuned to the same transponder, but now your seeing a different spotbeam (or flashlight beam :). And your receiver will give you a message similar to: You are outside your local viewing area. Or something to that effect.....its been a while since I've seen that message ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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