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Expressvu caught distributing E*/DTV hardware in Canada

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So BCE paid off the politicians and cops in Canada.

They paid for Tiger Woods to golf with the Prime Minister.

They used their print and tv stations to lament copyright infringements.

Their moral indignation to stomp out crime in the world of DBS.

........... and alas my friends, we all know what these stories lead to - the old "Hands caught in the cookie jar" routine

7 semi trailers loads documented so far


But how much jail time will these "corporate criminals" get?

As Gilda Radner used to say "It's always the same"
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I was gonna delete this one, it sounded like one of Rages paranoid posts, but check out the website listed above, it appears to be true. :)
Here is a link with more specific info.

It appears both Expressvu and some RCMP personnel are involved in some very suspicious activities:


Since Bell Canada controls the government in Canada and most of the media, it'll be interesting to see if this story runs in non Bell owned newspapers.
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