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Just a question to you "Southern Canadians" have you ever tried subbing to one of the sports packages? Any problems?

Expressvu launched Nascar-In Car this weekend, and since its only available in the US on (ack) digital cable, i was wondering if I could get away with ordering it..

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From a Bev FAQ

Q - Can I take advantage of pay-per-view services like movies and NHL Centre Ice?
A - No. Unfortunately, due to the fact that US residents cannot maintain a phone connection, you cannot take advantage of PPV programming.

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OTOH, people have posted to the effect that
they subscribe to NHL Centre Ice, thru a
programming broker, from south of the
border, without a phone line connected.

It depends on how interested ExpressVu
happens to get in enforcement. People
have apparently subscribed successfully
with mutiple receivers and no phone lines.

If they ever decide to shut off your account,
though, you're stuck with useless receivers.
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